Zooomr 在我貼了上篇文章的一個小時後,把 Unicode 的輸入問題修好了

瞧!這下又可以順利地 geotag, smartset,而且,還可以開始搞清楚 portal 是什麼玩意兒


用力給 Zooomr 鼓掌!

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自從七月 Zooomr 昇級為 2.0 版以後,非 ASCII 字元的輸入問題就一直沒有解決。這次昇級雖然增加了一些新功能,但因為 DOS 的關係,似乎並沒有完全開放。最近幾天 Zooomr 新加了一些玩藝兒,譬如 portal,和框選註解。功能似乎是愈來愈多愈完整了。

新功能的出現實在讓我心癢難搔。為什麼心癢難搔呢?因為我所有的照片檔名裡都有中/日文字元,因為現在的 Zooomr 不能輸入非 ASCII 字元,所以沒辦法方便地上傳照片。於是,我在兩天前向 zfeedback@bbridgetech.com 寫了一封求助信件:

zooomr is a great service, I really like it. But since zooomr's 2.0 upgrade, Chinese/Japanese input in title, comment, tag and everywhere broke down. Today I saw you made portal up, wow, that's so attractive to me, but I CANNOT UPLOAD ANY OF MY PHOTOS just because I need to have them titled and tagged in Chinese/Japanese, however doing so just make uploading fail.

Do you have any remedy about it or need any further description about problem? Or do you have a schedule to fix this problem? I have looked for this problem fixed since July, and I hope I can speak my language just like zooomr can.

今天收到了回信。Zooomr 明白這個問題,正在處理,這是好消息,壞消息是還沒處理好,讓我引用一下他們的回覆:

I'm sorry to say that we don't have a fix yet for this. We're working to get this problem resolved as soon as we can.

得到 Zooomr 的回覆,而且是署名的回覆,蠻高興的。雖然得好好等待,但至少比笑話好得多了。

一旦 Zooomr 把這個問題解決,我也會在這裡報告。

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